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Welcome to Vintage Tess, a carefully curated collection of distinctive vintage furniture, textiles, home décor items and precious jewelry from around the globe. This destination boutique located in Delray Beach, Florida, offers shoppers a tactile shopping experience to awaken all the senses.


Vintage Tess was born from the idea that people prefer handmade, unique objects over mass marketed, easily found items. My grandmother, Tess, had a keen eye for design and taste that ran the gamut. She loved shopping at discount and second-hand stores just as much as she loved shopping at Neiman Marcus.  She passed her unique creative vision down to me, so when I decided to open a boutique it seemed like a wonderful way to honor her by naming the shop after her. I think she would have really gotten a kick out of the store, and how many different and unusual things you can find here all under one small roof. From stationary, to hand made home décor, to refurbished vintage furniture and gorgeous precious jewelry, Vintage Tess is an eclectic, upscale boutique for anyone in search of the uncommon. 

- Joslin Kryjcir

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